Upcoming Events

30 - 31/08/2020
This page is dedicated to the #GFOI2020 Webinar Series. The webinar series will feature webinars of interest for the forest monitoring community. It is a combination of sessions that the Office will host for partners and partners will host themselves.  The #GFOI2020 Webinar Series will help to progress the work of GFOI...
Dates and further information will be announced as soon as possible
05 - 09/10/2020
The GFOI Plenary 2020 has been cancelled by the GFOI Leads Group due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by COVID-19. We hope to see you at the GFOI Plenary 2021. Dates and further information will be announced as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are planning a series of webinars and...

Past Events

Canberra, Australia
04 - 09/11/2019
Government representatives from more than 100 countries, business leaders, and non-profit organizations will gather from 4 to 9 November in Canberra, Australia for the annual Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Week. GFOI is organizing a side event titled “The Global Forest Observations Initiative: Where supply meets demand” on 5 November from...
Canberra, Australia
04 - 09/11/2019
Hanoi, Vietnam
14 - 16/10/2019
Curitiba, Brazil
29 - 05/10/2019
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Bonn, Germany
15 - 15/07/2019
Rome, FAO headquarters
10 - 12/07/2019
Communication is key to developing strong and productive working relationships among partners in the forest monitoring sector. Therefore communications is a key pillar for the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI), which seeks to coordinate the delivery of international support in forest monitoring to help address developing country needs. Representatives from partner...
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