Biomass Monitoring #GFOI2020 Series – Webinar #7

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03 November 2020 - 03 November 2020

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We are pleased to announce that the seventh webinar in the #GFOI2020 webinar series will focus on Biomass Monitoring and will be held on at 1pm CET on Tuesday 3 November 2020. This webinar will be hosted by the GFOI’s R&D Coordination Component and partners the GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Office.

The GFOI’s R&D Coordination Component works to address methodological and technical issues that are obstacles to progress in developing countries’ forest monitoring and greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting efforts. The Component fosters a community of experts to identify science and technologies that can reduce uncertainties and improve the efficiency of forest monitoring efforts.

In recent times, the Component has been exploring the use of datasets from new satellite missions including for biomass monitoring from space. Biomass density maps are wall-to-wall predictions of biomass for woody plants and trees. These maps are being increasingly produced and considered for use in national-level forest monitoring and GHG estimation and reporting. Biomass maps can be used to assess carbon stocks and generate emissions factors in under-sampled or inaccessible areas.

This webinar will present an overview of recently refined guidance on the use of Earth Observations for biomass monitoring in the GFOI’s third version of the Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD3.0) which aligns with the 2019 Refinement to the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. It will highlight the planned and existing space-based datasets that can be used for biomass mapping, the use of these maps for forest monitoring in-practice, and the latest R&D developments on this topic. The webinar will also provide an opportunity for discussions between the audience and the panel of GFOI partners and international experts who are pursuing this work.


  • Introduction to the GFOI R&D Coordination Component and the webinar, Sarah Carter (GFOI R&D Component Manager, Wageningen University)
  • Refined guidance on the use of EO for biomass monitoring: IPCC updates and MGD3, Martin Herold (GFOI R&D Component Manager, Wageningen University)
  • Space based Data for Biomass Mapping , Frank Martin Seifert (GFOI Lead, ESA)
  • Assessment of Innovative Technologies and Their “Readiness” for Remote Sensing based Estimation of Forest Carbon Stocks and Dynamics, Ellie Peneva Reed (World Bank)
  • Use of Space-Based Biomass Data for Forest Monitoring, Aristides B. Muhate (Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Ministério da Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural, Mozambique)
  • Q&A


To join the event, please register as soon as practically possible. Details for joining will only be shared with registered participants.

This event is part of the #GFOI2020 webinar series, which is keeping the GFOI community connected and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) on 3 November! For more information, please contact [email protected].