New easy-to-use formats for the full release of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020

21 July 2020

GFOI partner the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched the most comprehensive assessment of global forest resources in innovative and easy-to-use digital formats.

To mark the launch, FAO has published a video which introduces the public to some of the key findings from the assessment and to three new key products:

  • the FRA 2020 Main Report, including comprehensive analysis of status and trends of forest resources at global and regional levels;
  • the 236 detailed reports for all countries and territories of the World;
  • and the FRA 2020 database, which for the first time will be available in the form of an online open access platform that makes the FRA data easier to access and use than ever before.

These products add to the Key Findings Publication and a Digital interactive Report launched in May.

Reliable and comprehensive information on forests is crucial to sustainably manage them to turn the tide on deforestation and the loss of biodiversity. FRA data contributes to reporting and monitoring of the forest-related indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As explained by Anssi Pekkarinen, Senior forestry Officer and coordinator of the FRA 2020 at FAO, FRA 2020 shows that “at the current pace we risk not meeting the 2030 SDG targets related to sustainable forest management”.

FRA 2020 data also provide support for the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. For instance, the new FRA-based estimates indicate that global emissions from forest loss decreased by about one-third since 1990. You can hear from the voice of international partners more reasons to look forward to the release of the FRA 2020 in this video teaser.

FRA provides essential information for understanding the extent of forest resources, their condition, management and uses. It is a country-driven process, conducted by FAO in close collaboration with an official network of national correspondent and many other national and international experts.

The wealth of information on the world’s forests is offered now as a public good to the global community. We encourage the GFOI community of international forest monitoring practitioners to explore the new easy-to use formats to find out and use the information they need to support policy making for a more sustainable future with forests.





Photo©Unplash/Conscious Design