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GIAHS Korean Ceremony


Korean agricultural heritage recognized for its value worldwide Cheongsando Gudeuljangnon Terraced Rice Paddies. The systems have been registered as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) for the first time in Korea...

Iran’s Qanat Irrigation placed on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems list


Tehran, May 4, IRNA -- The birthplace of jasmine tea and a nearly 3,000 year old irrigation system are among the traditional farming sites designated “globally important” land use systems...

Unique landscape on a slippery slope of existence


As natural factors and human activities begin to take toll on the traditional agro-systems, protecting them entails worldwide cooperation, said Li, also chairman of GIAHS Steering Committee of UN Food...

Steering and Scientific Committee Meeting FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy 28-29 April, 2014

Rome, Italy, 07.04.2014

Based on the experience and lessons learnt in the past years , it is good time to consider a possible way forward of GIAHS in this transitional phase through discussions...

Date palm oases in the United Arab Emirates candidates for Global Agriculture Heritage Systems


FAO Director-General: “Date palms not only provide food and income, but are part of the history, culture and tradition of the region”

The date palm production system in the United Arab...

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