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Hanging gardens from Djebba El Olia

Perched on the heights of Mount el Gorrâa, the gardens of Djebba el Olia form a unique agroforestry system. At an altitude of 600m, the communities have been able to shape this mountainous landscape to their advantage by integrating agriculture on terraces derived from natural geological formations or by building them out of dry stone.

Backed by an efficient irrigation system, the hanging gardens of Djebba El Olia offer many food resources to its owners. Based on the practice of agroforestry and agroecology, fig tree cultivation is the mainstay of a varied and resilient polycultural system supported by extensive livestock farming.

The farmers of Djebba El Olia have a fine knowledge of the interactions and synergies between their crops and with the local fauna and flora. A long tradition of knowledge and practices related to food processing and preservation feeds the fascination for these farmers. Attached to their land, Djebba El Olia is a small oasis suspended in the mountains that bears witness to the ingenuity of its inhabitants.

TUNISIA- Hanging gardens from Djebba El Olia