Системы сельскохозяйственного наследия мирового значения (ГИАХС)

GIAHS around the world

Agricultural Heritage Systems can be found all over the world. Characteristically, these systems are rich in agricultural biodiversity and associated wildlife, and are important resources of indigenous knowledge and culture.

In the selected GIAHS sites a conservation programme based on adaptive management is in place.

This programme is based on the search for economic viability of the system, the identification of environmentally sustainable strategies in the face of growing climate change, and the empowerment of small holder/traditional family farming and indigenous communities. This map shows only a preliminary selection of GIAHS where dynamic conservation activities are on-going.

Activities has been supported by several donors such as GEF, BMLEV, IFAD, MOA China and MAFF Japan. There are many other Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems around the world that need to be identified and recognized.

GIAHS places types

Designated sites   

Designated sites means the sites which have already been designated as GIAHS throughout designation process.

Proposed sites   

Proposed sites means the sites which have submitted their proposals to GIAHS Secretariat.