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Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)
Project meeting, Engaresero Maasai Pastoralist Heritage Area (Tanzania). © FAO/David Boerma.

News in 2018

  With the support of the Japanese government, FAO has created a short movie to explain what is GIAHS. The video introduces what GIAHS is, how many sites are designated, and explains how they are recognized, taking one example of Wakayama prefecture in Japan. Not only does the video illustrate the process to the recognition, it also highlights the importance of conservation, passing it on to the future generations. YouTube link to the...
In occasion of the 7th meeting of the GIAHS Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), from 2nd to 4th July 2018, 2 new agricultural systems in Italy, first site for the country, and in Republic of Korea were approved and designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems: - Geumsan traditional ginseng agricultural system, the Republic of Korea - Olive groves of the slopes between Assisi and Spoleto, Italy Click the names of the sits to discover the...
Since 2016, fourteen new sites have been designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, including the first ones in Europe. As with other designated sites, these systems highlight agricultural traditions that promote sustainability, safeguard biodiversity and protect the environment while supporting the social and economic development necessary for stable, decent livelihoods.  The 14 new sites range from oases to rice terraces, wasabi cultivation to raisin production. They are fascinating places that...
Thursday 19 April 2018 10.30 to 17.00 hours.
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