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The Cascaded Tank-Village System (CTVS) in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka is designated as GIAHS

31 October 2017

The GIAHS Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) has officially designated the Cascaded Tank-Village System (CTVS) in the Dry Zone of Sri Lankaas a GIAHS site, during the fourth SAG meeting held in FAOHQs from 26th to 27th September, 2017.

Sri Lanka through a history of over 2 500 years has developed several agricultural heritage systems to suite various climatic, geomorphic/geographic, soil, cultural and social diversity. The Cascaded Tank-Village System (CTVS) dominance over all other systems due to its expansive coverage, unique technology, sustainability, and resilience to natural disasters, high biodiversity and many other beneficial characteristics. The system helped rural people in the dry zone of Sri Lanka to survive in isolation for several centuries of negligence due to unstable socio-political situations.

With the inclusion of the first GIAHS site in Sri Lanka, as of today there are 39 GIAHS sites in 18 countries.