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Countries requiring external assistance for food

Countries in crisis requiring external assistance for food are expected to lack the resources to deal with reported critical problems of food insecurity. The list below covers crises related to lack of food availability, widespread lack of access to food, or severe but localized problems. GIEWS updates this list four times a year.

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September 2020
  (total: 1 countries)
Nature of Food Insecurity
Main Reasons
Changes from last report
Financial and economic crisis
  • On 4 August 2020, an explosion in the Beirut Port resulted in the loss of lives and destruction of parts of the port including the bulk terminal and main grain silo, adding another dimension to a multi‑faceted crisis the country is facing.
  • According to the Ministry of Finance, about 45 percent of Lebanese citizens (equivalent to 2.43 million) lived in poverty as of April 2020, with 22 percent in extreme poverty. This figure is likely to be higher as increasing inflation and unemployment resulting from deepening economic crisis, coupled with the impact of COVID‑19 related measures constrain employment opportunities and incomes.