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Reference Date: 29-May-2015


  1. Rice production for 2015 is forecast at record levels

  2. Rice exports in 2015/16 marketing year expected to increase

Rice production for 2015 is forecast at record levels

Harvesting of the 2015 main season rice crop is virtually completed. Planting of the secondary season is well advanced and will be harvested from September and continue until late November. FAO’s latest forecast points to an aggregate 2015 rice production (including the 2015 main and the ongoing secondary seasons) of 1 million tonnes, 2 percent up from the 2014 bumper crop and a record. The anticipated increase in output mainly reflects expected higher yields due to generally favourable growing conditions coupled with continued government support to the sector in the form of improved agricultural infrastructure, such as drainage and irrigation systems, and the provision of higher yielding varieties.

Rice exports in 2015/16 marketing year (January/December) forecast to increase

The country normally exports about three-quarters of its annual rice production and rice is the second most important exported product after gold. Rice exports in the 2015/16 marketing year (January/December) are anticipated to increase by some 6 percent to 520 000 tonnes, as a result of strong demand from Venezuela and new export destinations, including Haiti, Panama and Belize.

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