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Reference Date: 04-March-2015


  1. Prospects for 2015 wheat crop are favourable

  2. Cereal imports in 2014/15 marketing year forecast at average levels

Prospects for 2015 wheat crop are favourable

Planting of the 2015 winter season wheat crop was completed in November. Remote sensing data points to rainfall at average or near-average levels over much of the country since the start of the season, benefitting early crop development. Assuming that favourable weather will continue for the rest of the season, FAO preliminarily forecasts the 2015 wheat production at 850 000 tonnes, close to last year’s high level.

Harvesting of the 2014 paddy crop was also completed in November. FAO’s latest estimate points to a paddy harvest slightly below last year’s bumper output, at 10.6 million tonnes, as a result of a small decrease in plantings.

Aggregate cereal production for 2014 is set at 11.6 million tonnes, close to last year’s level and above the average recorded for the period 2009-2013.

Cereal imports in 2014/15 marketing year (April/March) forecast close to average levels

Total cereal imports in the 2014/15 marketing year (April/March) are forecast at around 25.4 million tonnes, covering some 65 percent of total domestic cereal utilization. Annually, the country imports large quantities of maize (which is not produced domestically) of around 15.6 million tonnes and, on average, about 6.2 million tonnes of wheat. By contrast, relatively smaller volumes of rice, around 700 000 tonnes, are imported annually.

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