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Reference Date: 09-September-2016


  1. Favourable harvest prospects following adequate rainfall in most regions

  2. Maize prices declined in most markets in July, but still remain similar to previous year’s level

  3. Large number of people continue to face chronic food insecurity and malnutrition

Good harvests expected following favourable rainfalls

In the South, harvesting of the first season maize is almost complete, while sowing of the second season crops has just started. In the North, which only has one rainy season, the harvesting of cereals has begun. The 2016 cropping season was characterized by a late start of the rainy season. Precipitation improved significantly since April over the main producing areas, thus replenishing water reserves and providing relief to stressed crops. Overall prospects for the 2016 harvest are favourable, although potential yields may be slightly dampened in the areas affected by earlier dry conditions. Preliminary unofficial estimates point to an above average 2016 aggregate cereal production.

Maize prices declined in most markets, but remain at about year‑earlier levels

Maize prices declined in most markets in July in anticipation of the harvest of the 2016 first season maize crop. Prices were generally around their year-earlier values, except in Anie market, where they dropped steeply by about 40 percent. The expected good harvests should lower prices further in the coming weeks.

Substantial sections of the population continue to be exposed to chronic food insecurity

Large numbers of people continue to be exposed to chronic food insecurity and malnutrition, notably in the northern part of the country. The North of Togo includes the poorest zones where malnutrition levels are the highest. Over 113 000 people are estimated to be in Phase 3: “Crisis” and above, according to the latest analysis of the Cadre Harmonisé (Harmonized Framework) conducted in the country.

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