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2.9. Programming with .DLL

All the functions for treating images are located in a single file .DLL (WP3.DLL).
Experienced programmers can write their own Windows programs to process images by calling the functions from .DLL. The subroutines and statement types are available in .DLL and are presented as written in Visual Basic.

DLL Calls

Subroutines which must be called before calling any other subroutine:

Declare Sub ProcessRunAwaySetup Lib "wp3.dll" (ByVal pichWnd As Integer, ByVal btnHwnd As Integer)

Subroutine used to call any other processing function (except function headers described below):

Declare Sub ProcessFunction Lib "wp3.dll" (By Val OptionFunction$, By Val OptionParameters$)

OptionFunction and OptionParameters are processing functions and their associated parameters, which appear exactly as they appear in a batch file.

The following statement, in Visual Basic, is for a header image:

Statements allowing manipulation of Header Images

Declare Function ProcessHeaderLoad Lib "wp3.dll" (s As HeaderType, By Val FileName As String) As Integer
Declare Sub ProcessHeaderSave Lib "wp3.dll" (s As HeaderType, ByVal FileName As String)

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