Kazakhstan announces procurement prices for 2019 grains


The Food Contract Corporation, the national body managing the state grain reserves, increased the procurement prices for 2019 grains on 24 September. Purchasing prices for wheat fall under selected ranges according to quality. The price for wheat 3rd grade now ranges from KZT 70 000 (USD 179) to KZT 76 000 (USD 194) per tonne, against KZT 54 000 (USD 138) to KZT 54 300 (USD 139) of the past season, set in November 2018. Prices for wheat 4th grade vary from KZT 62 000 (USD 158) to KZT 65 000 (USD 166) per tonne. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Grain purchases are made on EXW terms (ex-elevator) from grain elevators authorized by the Food Contract Corporation.

Country: Kazakhstan