Kazakhstan and Ukraine ease trade restrictions


In Kazakhstan, restrictions on exports of wheat and wheat flour will be lifted from 1 June 2020. Export quotas were introduced in April, after a temporary export ban imposed in late March, in an effort to ensure sufficient domestic supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Monthly export quotas of wheat grain and wheat flour were set at 200 000 tonnes and 70 000 tonnes in April, respectively. The export quota of wheat for May was increased to 250 000 tonnes and to 150 000 tonnes for wheat flour. Although plans were to maintain quotas until 1 September 2020, the recent decision to resume exports follows a general relaxation in the lockdown measures and a normalization in trade activities amid adequate domestic supplies and a favourable supply outlook. On 26 May 2020, the Government of Ukraine announced that wheat exports will continue even though the 20.2 million tonnes maximum volume for the 2019/20 marketing year (July/June), agreed with traders on 30 March, has been reached.

Region: CIS (Asia & Europe)