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استعراض إقليمي موجز

شرق أفريقيا
Prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in March across the subregion but remained, in general, relatively low, with the notable exceptions of the Sudan and South Sudan, where prices increased to extremely high levels due to the weak value [...]
غرب أفريقيا
In Sahelian countries, prices of coarse grains remained generally under downward pressure in March and well below their year-earlier levels reflecting the good supplies from the 2018 harvests and regular intra-regional and extra-regional trade flows. However, prices remained atypically high [...]
الجنوب الأفريقي
Prices of maize generally increased across the subregion in March and were well above their year-earlier levels due to tight market availabilities and unfavourable production prospects for the 2019 crop, while weaker currencies also provided upward pressure in some countries. [...]
الشرق الأقصى الآسيوي
Prices of rice remained stable or continued to decline across the subregion in March reflecting improved supplies from the new harvests. The notable exception to this trend was Viet Nam, where prices of rice rose moderately after steady declines between [...]
بلدان الكومونويلث المستقلة (آسيا وأوربا)
In the exporting countries of the subregion, export prices of milling wheat declined in March in the Russian Federation and Ukraine in line with trends in the international market. Prices were pressured downwards by the favourable 2019 production prospects and [...]
أمريكا الوسطى ومنطقة البحر الكاريبي
Prices of white maize continued to generally strengthen in March in line with seasonal trends and were overall higher than their year-earlier levels, supported by increased production costs and localized crop losses to the main season output, affected by dry [...]
أمريكا الجنوبية
Prices of yellow maize declined in March with the 2019 harvest in most countries of the subregion, with the notable exceptions of Argentina and Brazil. In Argentina, although harvesting of the new crop is underway and forecasts point to a [...]