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Regional Roundups

Eastern Africa
Prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in October but remained well below their year-earlier levels across the subregion, with the notable exceptions of the Sudan and South Sudan. In the Sudan, prices of locally-grown sorghum and millet declined in [...]
Far East Asia
In most countries of the subregion, domestic prices of rice and wheat remained relatively stable in October. In Thailand, prices were mildly up despite the arrival of the first supplies from the 2018 main crop harvest in the markets, mostly [...]
Southern Africa
Domestic prices of staple food, maize, showed mixed trends across the subregion in October and were higher than a year earlier in countries where the 2018 maize outputs were reduced. In South Africa, prices of maize dipped slightly in October, [...]
CIS (Asian & European)
In the exporting countries of the subregion, export prices of milling quality wheat increased again in October after a decline in September. In the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the recent increase was triggered by strong export sales, which together with [...]
South America
In the key producers of the subregion, Argentina and Brazil, prices of yellow maize declined in October mainly as a result of a strengthening of the local currencies and overall favourable production prospects for the 2019 crops, currently being planted. [...]
Central America & Caribbean
In most countries of the subregion, prices of white maize decreased sharply in October as a result of improved supplies from the recently-completed 2018 main season harvest. In Nicaragua and Honduras, prices of white maize decreased by 28 percent and [...]
Western Africa
In most Sahelian countries, prices of coarse grains declined in October, mainly as a result of the ongoing 2018 harvests, which are expected to be good after favourable rains benefited crop development. In Burkina Faso, improved market availabilities from the [...]