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Региональные обзоры

Восточная Африка
In several countries of the subregion, prices of maize declined or levelled off in June after the sharp increases of the previous months, as a result of the ongoing harvests and improved crop prospects following above-average late season rains. In [...]
Западная Африка
In most countries of the subregion, prices of coarse grains remained generally stable in June and down from a year earlier reflecting ample market supplies consisting of carryover stocks from the 2018 bumper harvests and imports. However, in conflict-affected zones, [...]
Южная Африка
In most countries of the subregion, prices of maize changed little in June and remained higher, year on year, reflecting the impact of reduced domestic harvests in 2019 and currency depreciations. The exception to this general trend is Zimbabwe, where [...]
Восток Азия
Domestic prices of rice followed mixed trends in June, weakening in several key exporting countries amidst weak international demand and improved availabilities from the 2018/19 secondary harvests, while remaining stable or strengthening seasonally in others. Prices declined significantly in Viet [...]
СНГ (Азия и Европа)
В июне в странах-экспортерах региона, РоссийскойФедерации и Украине, экспортные цены на пшеницу для помола продолжили снижаться четвертый месяц подряд, достигнув уровня несколько ниже, чем годом ранее. Снижение цен связано с продолжающимся сбором урожая и благоприятными прогнозами производства, несмотря на некоторые [...]
Центральная Америкаи Карибы
In most countries of the subregion, prices of maize strengthened seasonally with planting of the main season crops currently ongoing. In Guatemala, prices of maize increased and were higher than a year earlier, with seasonal patterns exacerbated by the reduced [...]
Южная Америка
In the key producing and exporting countries, Argentina and Brazil, prices of yellow maize increased in June mainly due to strong overseas demand. In Argentina, where the harvest is ongoing, prices increased despite expectations of a bumper crop due to [...]