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Региональные обзоры

Восточная Африка
Prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in February, increasing in the Sudan and South Sudan due to the depreciation of the local currencies and, in Somalia, as a result of production shortfalls, while they declined further in Kenya reflecting [...]
Западная Африка
In Sahelian countries, prices of coarse grains showed mixed trends in February but remained generally well below their year-earlier levels as a result the good harvests in 2018 and regular trade flows. In Burkina Faso and Mali, prices of millet [...]
Южная Африка
Prices of maize followed mixed trends across the countries in the subregion but remained overall well above their year-earlier levels mainly due to tight market availabilities. In South Africa, prices of maize declined in February after the sharp rises in [...]
Дальний Восток (Азия)
In most countries of the subregion, domestic prices of rice came under downward pressure in February with the arrival of the main season harvest, while weak foreign demand also suppressed prices in exporting countries. In Viet Nam, prices decreased further [...]
СНГ (Азия и Европа)
В странах-экспортерах региона экспортные цены на переработанную пшеницу были более чем на 20 процентов выше в феврале, чем годом ранее из-за большого объема экспорта в течение сезона и сокращения производства в 2018 году. В Казахстане цены выросли примерно на 4 процента из-за [...]
Центральная Америкаи Карибы
In several countries of the subregion, prices of white maize continued to strengthen in February in line with seasonal trends, and were generally above their year-earlier levels due to drought-induced losses to the 2018 main season harvests and increased input [...]
Южная Америка
Prices of maize and wheat followed mixed trends in February but remained generally higher than a year earlier due to the reduced outputs in 2018 and costlier imports. In Argentina, domestic prices of yellow maize decreased in February on account [...]