FAO/WHO GIFT | Global Individual Food consumption data Tool

EFSA Webinar: “The FoodEx2 classification system and guidance on its harmonised use”


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) held two webinars on the use of the FoodEx2 classification system in September and October 2018. FoodEx2 is a comprehensive food classification and description system aimed at covering the need to describe foods in a harmonized way. The system was first developed by EFSA to serve European countries, and has later been upgraded for a global use in collaboration with FAO and WHO. FAO/WHO GIFT uses FoodEx2 to harmonize the different food consumption datasets available in the platform, and to generate the ready-to-use indicators.

This webinar, available in EFSA’s website, provides theoretical and practical support not only to those who report data to EFSA, but also to data owners interested in sharing their dataset through the FAO/WHO GIFT platform. We encourage our collaborators to follow this webinar in order to understand the functionalities and the best practices of FoodEx2.

If you are interested to know more about FoodEx2 and FAO/WHO GIFT, please write to [email protected].