FAO/WHO GIFT | Herramienta global FAO/OMS para la divulgación de datos sobre el consumo individual de alimentos

Webinars - Second session December 2016


Another round of webinars will be conducting this year with the aim to: 1. Provide an update on the status of collection, collation and dissemination of quantitative individual food consumption data activities in low and lower middle income countries; 2. Present the new prototype of the  FAO/WHO GIFT platform to the potential end-users and collect their feedback.

In November 2015, a series of webinars involving potential end-users and stakeholders from these four countries was organized. The main objective was to support the participatory development process of the FAO/WHO Global Individual Food consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT) platform by ensuring that the final product would answer their needs in terms of data availability and accessibility.

Based on the feedback from the participants which were summarised in a report [1], the efforts of the team in 2016 have been prioritised towards: 1. The mapping of existing individual food consumption data in low and lower middle income countries; 2. The development of a module allowing to download microdata available in the platform; 3. The development of a section producing food consumption, food safety and nutrition indicators for users searching for ready-to-use information online.

Simultaneously, the team is actively working with data owners on acquiring data to populate the platform. As a part of this work, the team actively support countries and data owners in general in the harmonisation of their individual food consumption datasets.

[1] The full webinar report is available upon request.