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Equipment is an essential part of laboratory analysis but remember that equipment alone does not make the difference in getting reliable data. Before investing in new laboratory equipment, make sure that your laboratory staff is properly and regularly trained and that good laboratory practices, including equipment maintenance and calibration, are implemented. All fine? Very good! In the Good practices on purchasing and operating laboratory equipment (here) you will find some practical advice on what to do and what not to do before, during and after purchasing laboratory equipment or receiving it as a donation. Good practices on the management of consumables and hazardous substances are included.

Please remember that innovative instruments like spectroscopy and laser particle size analyser exist but their results still need to be correlated with traditional instruments. Interested to know more about the work done by GLOSOLAN on spectroscopy? Click here!

How can GLOSOLAN help you?

To avoid repeating the errors of other networks and donors sometimes purchasing inappropriate equipment that is not used, GLOSOLAN is moving cautiously on helping laboratories to get new equipment. Keeping in mind that the FAO is working on sustainability, GLOSOLAN foresees three options to help laboratories getting new equipment:

1.    Make a donation

Several laboratories worldwide are asked to replace their still functioning equipment on a regular basis. Instead of being disposed, this equipment can be donated to laboratories in need. Feeling like making a donation? Please complete the form and send an email to [email protected] and [email protected]

2.    Barter system

Often, laboratories receiving donations are given equipment they are not in the conditions to operate and/or well maintain because of several factors like the in-situ availability of service providers for equipment maintenance, provision of consumables, etc. for specific equipment brands. The same can happen to laboratories purchasing new equipment themselves. This can result in the misuse, damage or disuse of the equipment. GLOSOLAN is available to support laboratories willing to barter their well-functioning equipment for free. Please note that equipment to barter should not be damaged. If the equipment you wish barter was obtained through a donation, please make sure that there are not any legal binding conditions to its barter with the donor.

Feeling like bartering? Please complete the form and send an email to [email protected] and [email protected]

3.    Purchasing new equipment

GLOSOLAN is available to purchase new equipment for laboratories in need based on their performance in the GLOSOLAN PT. In this regard, equipment will be provided only to those laboratories that proved not to have significant problems in terms of implementing good laboratory practices as new equipment will make little difference in the provision of quality results if good laboratory practices and QA/QC are not taken care of first.