Global Soil Partnership

Soil Analysis

GLOSOLAN is working to improve the proficiency of soil laboratories in Soil Analysis, in both wet and dry chemistry (spectroscopy) by:


DRY CHEMISTRY (spectroscopy):

  • Build a globally representative calibrated soil spectral library (database) based on MIR spectra with accompanying soil property reference data recorded in one gold-standard reference laboratory;
  • Provide a freely available and easy-to-use soil property estimation service based on the evolving GLOSOLAN global MIR spectral library;
  • Support countries to contribute to the GLOSOLAN global spectral calibration library and use the soil property estimation service;
  • Harmonize soil spectroscopy methods (including soil sample preparation, spectral measurement and quality assurance of data analysis) by developing standard and protocols;
  • Develop the capacity of countries and labs in the performance of lab-based soil spectroscopy measurements.