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Межгосударственный технический совет по почвам

МТСП включает 27 ведущих экспертов по почвам, представляющих все регионы мира. Основная функция МТСП – предоставлять научную и техническую экспертную поддержку по вопросам, имеющим отношение к почвам в глобальном масштабе. МТСП выступает за то, чтобы устойчивому управлению почвенными ресурсами уделялось внимание в различных программах устойчивого развития.

The Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) was established at the first Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership held at FAO Headquarters on 11 and 12 of June, 2013.

The ITPS is composed of 27 top soil experts representing all the regions of the world. The main function of the ITPS is to provide scientific and technical advice and guidance on global soil issues to the Global Soil Partnership primarily and to specific requests submitted by global or regional institutions. The ITPS will advocate for addressing sustainable soil management in the different sustainable development agendas.

Functions of ITPS

The ITPS have the following functions:

  1. provide scientific and technical advice on global soil issues primarily to the GSP and in relation to specific requests submitted by global or regional institutions.
  2. advocate for the inclusion of sustainable soil management into different development agendas.
  3. review and follow up on the situation and issues related to soils in the contexts of food security, use and management of natural resources, ecosystem services provision, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and other relevant areas.
  4. review and endorse from a technical viewpoint the GSP Plans of Action.
  5. follow up on the implementation of these Plans of Action with due attention to their impact and contributions to different global policies and initiatives related to sustainable development, MDGs, food security, climate change adaptation and other subject matters.
  6. in exceptional cases, when complex technical matters arise, request the Plenary Assembly and the Secretariat to form technical committees aiming to gather specific advice.

Duties of ITPS members

  • provide scientific and technical advice on global soil issues to the GSP
  • sign a “non-conflict of interest” declaration
  • participate at the Plenary Assembly, as stipulated in the ToR of the GSP
  • appoint a Chairperson by consensus