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The Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) – Towards its establishment and implementation

The main task of Pillar 5 is to build an over-arching system for harmonized soil characterization. To follow-up with the implementation of the 5th Pillar working plan means to a large degree focusing on the building of national and local capacities to develop reliable quality-assured soil data and information about hazards and indicators. Building capacity for harmonization will depend much on governments supporting and strengthening their own institutions (e.g. installment of the proper information technology or laboratory equipment etc.). However, it is a key action element of this implementation plan to facilitate networking and capacity development through cooperation and information sharing between experienced institutions and those with less experience. 

At a global level, GLOSOLAN has been formally established with its first meeting, on 1 – 2 November 2017 at FAO headquarters in Rome, with the objective to facilitate the sharing of experience among laboratory managers. This network is aiming to strengthen the performance of laboratories in support of the harmonization of soil data sets and information towards the development of global standards. Indeed, the harmonization of soil analysis is a critical component of making soil information comparable and interpretable across laboratories, countries and regions.

Basically, each country in each region may identify one or several leading soil laboratories, which may act as national reference centres for soil analysis. These could be laboratories which have quality control (QC) measures well in place, and which have participated in proficiency tests (PT)18, or which are accredited. These laboratories would organize workshops, trainings and ring tests. Designed for laboratory researchers and staff to exchange resources, knowledge and experience, tt will allow reference centres to advise other laboratories lacking QC and/or who have never participated in any proficiency testing and guide them in the application of broadly available ISO standards.

1st meeting of GLOSOLAN 

Date: 01 - 02 Nov. 2017

Location: FAO HQ, Rome, Italy

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More info on the event here 

2nd meeting of GLOSOLAN

Date: 28 - 30 Nov. 2018

Location: FAO HQ, Rome, Italy

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