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Asian Soil Partnership

In February 2012 a regional conference on soil information in Nanjing, China was the occasion for establishing the initial Asian Soil Partnership. Sixteen national soil institutions participated and presented their status in terms of soil information and soil activities as well as the needs and priorities that the regional partnership should focus on.


The key priorities of the Asian Soil Partnership are to :

  • facilitate interactive consultative processes (both within and across borders) involving a range of entities and stakeholders;
  • interact with regional soil science societies and other mechanisms established under various conventions; 
  • discuss and provide guidance on regional goals and priorities as regards soils, and the required implementation soil survey institutions, scientific societies, and groups of soil scientists working on important issues mechanisms;
  • catalyze cooperation within the region.

Working groups

The pillar chairs elected are as follows :

Pillar 1 Chair: Mr. Fusuo Zhang (China)

  Pillar 2 Chair: Mr. Munir Hussain Zia (Pakistan)

  Pillar 3 Chair: Mr. Kazuyuki Yagi (Japan)

Pillar 4 Chair: Mr. Toshiaki Ohkura (Japan)

Pillar 5 Chair: Mr. Audthasit Wongmaneeroj (Thailand)

The working group is chaired by Thailand.

Regional Coordinator: Ms Lucrezia Caon (GSP Secretariat)

The Bangkok Communiqué consolidates the Asian Soil Partnership and supports the development of the Asian Implementation Plan for a horizon of five years.