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Near East and North Africa Soil Partnership (NENA)

The NENA region is located in West Asia-North Africa and includes Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The NENA region is diverse in terms of its climatic conditions, soils, flora, fauna, land use, and human activities. Soil degradation is driven by complex variables, including climatic factors, economic factors, institutional, national policies, conflicts and population growth and pressure. Cropland with mismanaged practices and irrational use of water resources in irrigation, chaotic urban expansion, overgrazing and infrastructure extension are among the major causative factors of soil degradation and deterioration of land quality.


The priorities of the NENA Soil Partnership are:

  • Promote the Sustainable Soil Management at all the levels in all land use types; restoration/rehabilitation of degraded soils.
  • Enhance the soil information by using state of the art methods of Digital Soil Mapping and advocating for having National Soil Information Systems.
  • Encourage the investment on the promotion of Sustainable Soil Management.

The secretariat of the NENA Soil Partnership is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Amman, Jordan.

Working groups

Five Working Groups were established for the five GSP pillars of actions and are chaired as follows:

Pillar 1 Chair: Mr Hassen Chourabi (Tunisia), CO-CHAIR Mme Rafla Attia (Tunisia)

  Pillar 2 Chair: Dr. Muhammad Manhal Alzoubi (Syria)

  Pillar 3 Chair: Mr. Bahram Taheri (Iran)

Pillar 4 Chair: Dr. Rachid Moussadek (Morocco)

Pillar 5 Chair Mr. Imad Ghanma (Palestine)

The working group is chaired by Ms. Iman Sahib Salman (Iraq). Vice-chairs are Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Alfraihat (Jordan) for the Near-east region and Messrs. Rachid Moussadek and Mr. Mohamed Badraoui (Morocco) for the North Africa region.

Regional Coordinator: Ms Lucrezia Caon (GSP Secretariat)