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Partenariat mondial sur les sols

North America Soil Partnership

On the 22 December 2014, the Canadian Society of Soil Science and the Soil Science Society of America as well as the Soil and Water Conservation Society proclaim the formation of the North American Regional Soil Partnership (NARSP).

The aim of the North American Regional Soil Partnership is to provide guidance on regional goals/priorities and the required implementation mechanisms and will regularly review progress in reaching common objectives and targets. In particular, NARSP should facilitate links with national and local soil management programs and activities with a view to strengthening work on soils and to develop synergies with other relevant initiatives and activities.


The key priorities of the North American Regional Soil Partnership are to:

  • Provide input to the development of work plans for the five pillars of the GSP program
  • Develop implementation plans appropriate for North America of any initiatives that result from the five pillars of action of the GSP.
  • Provide names of scientific experts of GSP/ITPS initiatives
  • Coordinate North American regional projects such as the regional maps of selected threats to soil function that are part of the State of the World Soil Resource Report.

Working groups

Five working groups were established for the five GSP pillars of action and are chaired as follows:

Pillar 1 Chair:  David Lobb, Canada

  Pillar 2 Chair: Maja Krzic, Canada

  Pillar 3 Chair: Jerry Hatfield, USA

Pillar 4 Chair: Bert Vandenbygaart, Canada

Pillar 5 Chair: Curtis Monger, USA

Steering Committee

To achieve the goals of the partnership a Steering Committee was established with the following members:

Chair: David Limbo (USA)