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Pacific Soil Partnership

On the 13th October 2014, the soil community from 12 Pacific countries together with universities, research institutes, SPC and FAO assembled in Suva, Fiji. The meeting was hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC) and supported by FAO, CSIRO (Australia) and Landcare Research (New Zealand).

The region’s soils are diverse and vulnerable and through joint activities the Pacific Soil Partnership intend to maintain and improve productivity, share resources and information in order to increase local food production and food quality, achieve climate change mitigation and adaptation, control land degradation and improve environmental management. New initiatives and education are also under discussion to find solutions that improve livelihoods.

The Pacific Soil Partnership is hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC). The SPC convenes an annual meeting of the partnership or as otherwise necessary.

Working groups

Five working groups were established for the five GSP pillars of action and are chaired as follows:

Pillar 1 Chair: Siosiua Halavatau, Fiji

  Pillar 2 Chair: Nacanieli Tuivavalagi, Federated States of Micronesia

  Pillar 3 Chair: David J Hunter, Samoa

Pillar 4 Chair: Peter Wilson, Australia

Pillar 5 Chair: Peter Wilson, Australia

Regional Coordinator: Ms Lucrezia Caon (GSP Secretariat)

Steering Committee

To achieve the goals of the Pacific Soil Partnership a Steering Committee was established with the following members:

  • Chair: David Hunter (Samoa)