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South America Soil Partnership

The South American Soil Partnership facilitates linkages between national and local programs and activities of soil and land management to strengthen joint ventures and develop synergies. The soils of South America not only feed the region but also play a key role in global food security, as the region is a major food exporter and the degradation affects a large part of agricultural soils in South America.

Soil erosion affects the entire continent. More than half of the territory in some countries is severely damaged due to poor management and use of natural resources. According to FAO, 14% of global land degradation occurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, affecting 150 million people. In Mesoamerica this phenomen affect to 26% of the territory. Low fertility is a problem that affects a large part of the soils of the region: about 50% of soils in Latin America and the Caribbean suffer from nutrient deficiencies. In total, about 20% of soils in the region are arid, while 10% have limited drainage.

Working groups

Five working groups were established for the five GSP pillars of action and are chaired as follows:

Pillar 1 Chair: Juan Carlos Rey (Venezuela) 

  Pillar 2 ChairCarla Pascale Medina (Argentina)

  Pillar 3 Chair: Pablo Cornejo (Chile)

Pillar 4 Chair: Guillermo Federico Olmedo (Argentina)

Pillar 5 Chair: Jefé Leáo Ribeiro (Brazil)

Regional Coordinator: Ms Rosa Cuevas (GSP Secretariat)

Steering Committee

To achieve the goals of the partnership a Steering Committee was established with the following members:

  • Chairs: Ana María Rivero y Luis Eduardo Quintero (Colombia) 
  • Vice-chair: Rodrigo Osorio (Chile)