Global Soil Partnership

1st INSAS meeting (International Network on Salt-affected Soils)

The first meeting of the International Network on Salt-affected Soils will be held virtually on the 14 and 15 April 2021. 


The mission of INSAS is to support and facilitate joint efforts towards the sustainable management of salt-affected soils for food security, agricultural sustainability and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Further information on how to join the virtual meeting of INSAS will be sent to the registered members of INSAS. To join the Network on Salt-Affected Soils and to participate in its activity, please register using this link or send the registration form to [email protected].

If you are already an INSAS member and you did not receive the invitation, you are invited to contact Maria Konyushkova

14 Apr 2021
- 15 Apr 2021