Глобальное почвенное партнерство

Development of national soil information systems in Eurasia through online training

From September 1 to 15, the Eurasian Soil Partnership (EASP) will conduct a series of practical seminars on the development of national soil information systems (data centers-NSII).



To participate in the seminar, please register before August 15 and answer the questionnaire through the responsible person for Pillar 4 of the GSP  Yuri Rozloga:  [email protected].

Once registered, participants will have access to video lectures and presentation materials.

The seminars are designed for specialists directly involved in the creation of soil data center, that can understand the tasks to be solved and are familiar with GIS and IT. Seminars will be held in the form of consultations on practical issues of data centers management. It is expected that all training materials are studied by the participants before the start of the seminars.

The seminars are held approximately from  9:00 to 10: 30 (Moscow time) every day except Sundays on the zoom platform. The language of the training will be Russian.


01 Sep 2020
- 15 Sep 2020
Zoom, Eurasian Soil Partnership