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Side event at Rio+20: World Day to Combat Desertification

World Day to Combat Desertification global observance event: Securing Healthy Soils and Stopping Land Degradation - Outcomes for Rio+20

Organizing partners:
UNCCD, European Commission, FAO, German Environment Protection Agency, Economics of Land Degradation secretariat (GIZ/BMZ)

The world’s most significant non-renewable resource is fertile soil, which is the peel of productive land.
Healthy soil is vital to water and food security and builds resilience to climate change. This year’s World Day to Combat Desertification, celebrated on 17 June, will highlight the efforts required to secure long-term sustainable land management and achieve zero-net land degradation.

On this occasion, the GSP will be presented.

17 Jun 2012
- 17 Jun 2012
11.30-13.00 - Room P3-B, RioCentro