Global Soil Partnership

The Launch of the Global Soil Laboratory Network

The launch meeting of the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) was held at FAO headquarters, Rome, Italy from 1 to 2 November 2017.


The importance of GLOSOLAN to harmonize soil analytical data and provide comparable information between countries and projects was highlighted. Indeed, national governments, international organizations, stakeholders and ultimately users, need harmonized soil data and information to promote the practice and ensure sustainable soil management.

GLOSOLAN will make soil information across laboratories, countries and regions comparable and interpretable, building a set of agreed harmonization principles, improving quality assurance and check (QA/QC) of soil analyses, and promoting information and experience exchange to develop capacities. The meeting brought together 44 laboratory experts from 37 countries. By November, 2 the Roadmap for Action was set-up, tasks and responsibilities were clarified, and Terms of Reference (ToRs) for GLOSOLAN and its Chair (Ms. Nopmanee Suvannang) were agreed upon. Finally, the way to address comparability and the interaction between GLOSOLAN and existing networks, in particular those related to the establishment of the Regional Soil Laboratory Networks (RESOLANs) was reviewed. 

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