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The GSP at the 21st World Congress of Soil Science

The 21st World Congress of Soil Science (WCSS) will take place next 12 – 17 August 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the theme “SOIL SCIENCE: Beyond food and fuel”. Traditionally held every four years since 1927 under the guidance of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), this year WSCC is hosted by the IUSS, the Latin American Soil Science Society (SLCS) and the Brazilian Soil Science Society (SBCS) with the support of FAO and the Global Soil Partnership.


FAO is well aware that, in the coming decades, soil science will continue to be at the edge of global discussions on food production and environmental conservation, also in addition to being essential and strategic for issues such as water quality, combatting poverty and the production of renewable energy. Indeed, soil health and quality is connected with all the subjects addressed in the 21st WSCC main theme-related questions: How to feed a hungry planet? How to fuel an energy-hungry planet? How to quench a thirsty planet? How to clean up our polluted planet? How to reach a balance between protection of biodiversity and sustainable land management for agriculture production?

The Global Soil Partnership will attend the meeting and partecipate in the organization with two key Innovation Technical Symposia:

Symposium 1: Global Soil Partnership, promoting sustainable soil management

Date: 14 August 2018/ Time: 14:00 – 18:00 

  • Introduction to the GSP and sustainable soil management - Mr Eduardo Mansur
  • Unlocking the potential of soil organic carbon - Mr Ronald Vargas
  • Soil pollution: an agenda for action - Ms Natalia Rodriguez
  • Global Soil Information System (GloSIS) - Mr Yusuf Yigini
  • Putting soils in the global agenda: awareness raising on soils - Ms Isabelle Verbeke
  • Launch of the Portuguese Version of the Soil Atlas of Latin America - Panos Panagos-EU/Eduardo Mansur - FAO

Symposium 2: Soil information, a prerequisite for sustainable soil management

Date: 17August 2018/ Time: 10:30 – 12:30

  • Introduction to the Global Soil Information System (GloSIS) - Mr Yusuf Yigini
  • Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) - Ms Natalia Rodriguez
  • GSP Capacity Development Programme - Mr Yusuf Yigini
  • Latin American Soil Information System (Sistema de Información de Suelos de Latinoamérica  - SISLAC) - Mr Guillermo Olmedo

The WCSS will gather a large number of scientists and industries. Keynote speakers include Rattan Lal, Pedro A. Sanchez, Pablo Tittonell, Thelma Krug, Maurício Lopes, Lucia Anjos, Fusuo Zhang, Diana H. Wall. With an expected attendance of 7,500 participants, more than 2000 soil scientists, from over 140 countries around the world, the WSCC positions as one of the most acclaimed global scientific meeting in the field of soil science. Researches in agronomy and soil science shall develop resilient agricultural practices to accommodate the forthcoming environmental and climatic changes and threats to food security and sovereignty.

It will be an excellent learning experience, an opportunity for knowledge, network and exchange toward technological advances in areas related to Soil Science.

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