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AVANTI TUTTI – GSP and telework updates

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in Italy and around the world, the GSP Secretariat is currently working from home, ensuring delivery of services and correct implementation of all soil planned activities.


Certainly, we are facing a global pandemic, yet the cure to it, all remains unknown. Italy, being the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, will remain on lockdown. In this challenging period, the GSP Secretariat chooses to concentrate on successfully working towards the goal to safeguard our soils.  

The corporate tools - facilitating efficient and professional teleworking - have made it possible for us to continue our work during the lockdown. Though challenging, we are focused, and by setting deadlines and creating weekly updates, our team continues working towards accomplishing tasks and activities. The team has daily meetings and weekly group video conferences to listen to concerns and resolve uprising issues. 

The Global Soil Partnership Secretariat wishes all partners and colleagues worldwide all the best for the tough moment the world is currently facing. Rest assured that the GSP team keeps high spirits and is finding creative ways to engage among colleagues and partners.

Do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]

Keep safe to all!