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World Soil Day 2019: Register your event and help us turn the tide to #StopSoilPollution

In the last few centuries, human activities have left a legacy of polluted soils worldwide and transformed soils faster and more extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history. While we can see many of the changes we have made to our planet, some of our impacts are virtually invisible, and soil pollution is a good example of a subtle enemy affecting everyone, everywhere.


This year, the Global Soil Partnership is dedicating World Soil Day 2018 to the theme "Be the Solution to Soil Pollution". #StopSoilPollution is at the core of the GSP’s mandate as demonstrated by the Global Symposium on Soil Pollution (GSOP18). WSD2018 campaign aims to connect people with the ground, raise awareness and convey the message to fight against soil pollution for food security, human well-being and healthy ecosystems.

But the success of World Soil Day 2018 depends on all of us and everyone's involvement! During the second half of the year, the World Soil Day campaign is marked by a number of events, actions and initiatives to raise awareness of the potentials and challenges for sustainable soil management, facilitate dialogue among actors and promote innovative solutions for nurturing cooperation on soil. A general engagement, both individual and collective, is required for disseminating knowledge and awareness of the value of the soil and the fight against soil pollution at local, national and international scales.

Whether you are a business, NGO, journalist, media agency, city or a civil society organization, everyone can participate in the celebrations. You can etch your students with an inspiring lecture; visit a soil museum or plan a field excursion; contribute to the formulation of new policy proposals where soil management is properly addressed; organize a soil judging contest; inaugurate a soil laboratory; develop the capacities of different stakeholders by organizing seminars and workshops.

Register your World Soil Day event, use our graphic to call people to #StopSoilPollution and spread the word. We can provide you with a range of promotional material in several languages – posters, factsheets, event banners, web or social media graphics, the WSD logo in various languages. Get your friends, family, ,, colleagues involved.

How can you be part of the solution?

  • Download our Com. Toolkit;
  • Check if the logo "World Soil Day" is available in your local language (here). 76 translations are already available online. If not, send us yours!
  • Play our HD videos on soil and use them to spread the word;
  • Engage your audience with real facts and key messages on soil pollution on digital channels. Tweet about #WorldSoilDay and use the hashtag #StopSoilPollution
  • Plan a fun, inspiring and interesting WSD event and register it on your Worldwide events map
  • Share your favorite moments with us and the whole global soil community using #WorldSoilDay – Photos, success stories –  afterword and take the chance for next year  WSD Award.

Get inspired and bring together an inspiring change. Use our list of simple actions to #StopSoilPollution as a starting point for a more sustainable lifestyle reconnected with the ground and what it stands for.