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Latest news from ICAR New Delhi: 5th Asian Soil Partnership Assembly

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi hosts the 5th Meeting of Asian Soil Partnership (ASP) at its premises, in the National Agricultural Science Centre Complex, New Delhi.


This 4-day meeting aims to review the actions taken and the commitments made by Asian countries on the implementation of sustainable soil management (SSM) for food security and nutrition, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and the overall achievement of the sustainable development goals. In this framework, the national focal points for Asia to the GSP are to review and endorse the work plan of the Centre of Excellence on Soil Research in Asia (CESRA), which was launched in occasion of the 2018 World Soil Day celebrations.

CESRA is to fill regional gaps in terms of research and development, capacity building and soil information systems. Ultimately, the center will play a key role in filling the gap between science and policy towards science-based decision making.

During the meeting, the participants will also visit the ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute in Karnal to improve their understanding on the issues related to reclamation & management of sodic and saline soils.

Fifth Asian Soil Partnership workshop, Feb 2019 

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