Глобальное почвенное партнерство

Winegrowers pledging for a sustainable management of soils and vineyards

Moët Hennessy made official its commitment to sustainable viticulture and sustainable soil management during the forum “Living Soil” held in the framework of Vinexpo, Paris in February 2020.

This “Living Soils” forum was intended to move the conversation forward and facilitate a discussion and ultimately raise awareness on Moët Hennessy’s vision in terms of knowledge, methods, and technology.


Ronald Vargas, Soil Scientist and Secretary of the Global Soil Partnership, Lydia Mumbi Chabala, Head of Soil Science Department, University of Zambia and Romain Le Guillou, Vineyards & Grape Supply Director, Veuve Clicquot, Reims joined the conversation ‘Our soils: saving our most precious resource’ speaking out on the importance of soils and sustainable soil management for sustainable development.

They all made clear that the preservation of our soils is key in the face of current challenges, from food security (95% of food comes from our soils) to climate change, clean water and energy conservation. ‘Restoration is far more expensive than preventing the damage of our soils. Taking care of their health and respecting nature should be a priority’ said Ronald Vargas. Some of the solution to protect our soils are out there: ‘Apart limiting the impact we have on soils, reducing the use of herbicide and pesticide, farmers can reduce tillage, use crop residues, run crop rotation’ added Lydia Chabala.

The space, used as an agora, served as a theater of reflections for encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practices in soil management and agriculture (aside winemaking). Major care and nvestment in soils and the adoption of an integrated approach mixing innovation and traditional knowledge alongside the local context are crucial to produce more and better quality food. This is especially true in face of rising concern around climate change which affects us all.

A series of discussions, debates and inquiries took place to better understand and envision the transmission of preserved and healthier soils to the next generation inspiring respect for nature.

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