Alianza Mundial por el Suelo



Soil loss is a major threat to agricultural development in Malawi, and the size of the agricultural sector in the Malawian economy renders it a major limitation to the overall economic development of the country. Soil loss reduces cultivable soil depth, but also takes away fertile soils from farmlands. The net effect is a loss of agricultural productivity, increased expenditure on fertilizers, and a general decline in profitability of crop production. PDF URL | FAO card


The World Soil Day Award aims to encourage organizers of WSD events at all levels to facilitate challenging and outstanding celebrations across the globe.


The Glinka World Soil Prize or Excellence and Innovation in Soil Science explained in a ready-to-use factsheet that will guide potential nominees through the nomination process.


The Proceedings of the Global Symposium on Soil Pollution 2018 (GSOP18) presents the abstracts of all scientific presentations held during the Symposium. 100 oral and 50 poster presentations built the core of this event triggering fruitful discussions on the state-of-science of soil pollution in different soils of the world.


After only 6 years, The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) is now a globally recognized mechanism promoting sustainable soil management (SSM) and successfully implementing programs across the globe in a cost-effective and timely manner. The key objectives of the GSP are to improve soil governance, ensure healthy and productive soils in all land uses across the globe and position soils in the global agenda.