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FAO Director-General José Graziano Da Silva’s video message to the GSER19 emphasizes how soil erosion decreases agricultural productivity and how sustainable soil management practices can make a huge difference to combat soil erosion.

Soil erosion poses a major threat to global food security and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out more about the effects of soil erosion and the ways we can prevent it.

Even through your small actions you can contribute to a big goal, to #StopSoilPollution. Reduce, reuse and recycle can help you, your community by improving your health and the health of our soils.

The Global Symposium on Soil Pollution (GSOP18) was a scientific meeting, held over three days at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, on 2-4 May 2018 with more than 500 participants representing all geographical regions and over 100 countries of the world. This video shows the main moments, decisive sessions and key activities of this groundbreaking event. Be the Solution, to Soil Pollution! #GSOP18 #StopSoilPollution #SoilPollution

One third of global soils are already degraded, yet they face increasing pressure from soil pollution, which occurs below ground and so is invisible to us. Soil pollution affects the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, our health and the health of all organisms on the planet. The Global Symposium on Soil Pollution (2 - 4 May) brought together global experts to address the environmental, health, and agricultural implications of soil pollution and develop concrete strategies to address the challenge.

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