Глобальное почвенное партнерство


Why is it so important to organize the International Symposium on Soil Pollution and work on an increase collaboration between UN agencies and conventions?

While we can see many of the changes we have made to our planet, some of our impacts are virtually invisible, and soil pollution is a good example. Combating and addressing soil pollution means assessing and minimizing the risks for food security, human health and the environment. Global activities need to be launched in order to reduce soil pollution and remediate polluted sites. #BeTheSolution!

The Global Soil Organic Carbon map V1.0 is an important stepping stone to better know the current Soil Organic Carbon stock stored beneath our feet and soils’ potential for further sequestration. It is the first global soil organic carbon map ever produced through an inclusive process driven by member countries. 

An animated illustration of soil organic carbon and its importance for climate action, food production and sustainable development.

Find out why a full year was dedicated to raise public awareness on soils, the objectives and achievements of the International Year of Soils and the way forward.

Also available in Español

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