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African Soil Partnership

The African Soil Partnership (AfSP) consists of the West and Central Africa Soil partnership and the Eastern and Southern Africa Soil Partnership. African soils are very diverse and have great potential and value for food security and overall sustainable development. However, soil degradation is a serious process that is threatening the region’s soil resources through its various forms and thus is affecting economic development, particularly agricultural production and associated food and nutrition security, provision of ecosystem services and increasing poverty. 


The key priorities of the African Soil Partnership are to :

  • Protect and conserve healthy soils and restore degraded soils.
  • Promote sustainable management of soil resources at all levels and in all land uses.
  • Enhance soil information by using state of the art methods of digital soil mapping and advocate for having effective National Soil Information Systems.
  • Encourage investment in the promotion of sustainable soil management to achieve sustainable development.

Working groups

The working groups developed activities under the AfSP Implementation Plan which were finalized in early April by working group chairs.

The Pillar chairs elected are as follows:

Pillar 1 Chair: Mr. Zakayo Muyaka (Uganda)

  Pillar 2 Chair: Ms. Botle Mapeshoane (Lesotho)

  Pillar 3 Chair: Mr. Martin Yemefack (Cameroon)

Pillar 4 Chair: Mr. Christian Omuto (Kenya)

Pillar 5 Chair: Mr. Vinod B. Lalljee (Mauritius)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of two country representatives from each of the four sub-Saharan sub-regions (West, East, Central and Southern Africa) and two Institutional representatives and serves a two-year term. The final Implementation Plan will be presented at the Fourth Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership in May 2016. The latest Communiqué, the Elmina Communiqué, consolidates the African Soil Partnership and supports the development of a regional Implementation Plan which will form the basis of future activities under the African Soil Partnership over the next 5-year period.

  • West Africa: Mr. Victor Chude, Nigeria (Chair); Mr. Igue A. Mouinou, Benin.
  • East Africa: Mr. Hami Said, Djibouti; Mr. Vinod B. Lalljee, Mauritius.
  • Central Africa: Mr. Michel Naitormbaide, Chad; Mr. Yves Bagafou, Gabon.
  • Southern Africa: Ms. Laurinda Nobela, Mozambique; Mr. Chebukani Fanani, Botswana.
  • Other Partners: Mr. Martin Yemefack, African Soil Science Society; Mr. E. Jeroen Huising, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

African Implementation plan

The Regional implementation plan (RIP) defines the outcomes, actors, partners, time frame, potential resources partners and implementation risks of the activities to be implemented at regional level. It was developed in close cooperation with the five Working Groups and the GSP focal points of the African countries.

Summary of threats to soil functions

Boosting Africa's Soils

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African working groups and Steering committee