Global Soil Partnership

First Plenary Meeting of the European Soil Partnership

In the framework of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP), the regional European Soil Partnership (ESP) has been formally established during the last Global Soil Week in October 2013; it is aiming towards federating all various stakeholders and institutions in Europe willing to adopt the principles of the World Soil Charter.

The European Commission, together with the institutions represented in the steering committee of the ESP, has taken up the lead in organizing this new European initiative. The aim is to bring together the various scattered networks and soil related activities into a common framework, open to all institutions and stakeholders willing to actively contribute to sustainable soil management in Europe.

As a first step, he European Commission convenes at its Joint Research Center in Ispra (Italy) the first plenary meeting of the ESP, from 21st to 23rd May 2014. The meeting is open to all interested stakeholders and institutions and will set the foundations for the future activities of the ESP.

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21 May 2014
- 23 May 2014
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra (Italy)