Global Soil Partnership

Asia Soil Partnership

On 8-11 February 2012 a regional conference on soil information in Nanjing, China was the occasion for establishing the initial Asia Soil Partnership.

16 national soil institutions participated and presented their status in terms of soil information and soil activities as well as the needs and priorities that the regional partnership should focus on. 

The Institute of Soil Science of the Chinese Academy of Science was the host of this meeting and is leading the implementation of some regional activities. The Nanjing Communiqué was prepared by the participants in which they fully support the Global Soil Partnership and expressed that there is need for strengthening the soil institutions through capacity development and investing in sustainable soil management practices.  

FAO through the Global Soil Partnership is funding the implementation of the “Asian Soil Information System Phase (ASIS)” as a regional activity boosting the formal establishment and implementation of the Asia Soil Partnership.

Latest developments

An ad-hoc meeting of the Asian Soil Partnership was organized in Tsukuba (Japan) at the margins of the MARCO Symposium (24-27 Sep 2012) by the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) to define a road map that was consolidated through the Tsukuba Statement.

Regional conference Feb 2011