Global Soil Partnership

Pillar 1: Promote sustainable management of soil resources for soil protection, conservation and sustainable productivity

©FAO/Seyllou DialloThe increasing degree and extent of soil degradation processes due to mismanagement and land use changes are threatening this resource and urgent action is needed to reverse this trend if we are to ensure the necessary food production for future generations, mitigation of climate change, provision of clean groundwater, and reduction of biodiversity loss.

This Pillar of Action is fundamental in order to implement the GSP vision in promoting sustainable soil management globally to address these challenges and ensure a food secure future.

In order to start the preparation of a Plan of Action for Pillar 1, the Secretariat has organized the following events:

At the last workshop, a working group was established including volunteer members who had registered through an open call in the GSP website. During the workshop, Ms. Liesl Wiese from the South African Agricultural Research Council was nominated Chair of the working group.

The Working Group composed of 26 members worked very hard to produce a final draft plan of action that was submitted to the Second ITPS working session (7-11 April 2014) for its review and endorsement. After a very dynamic process in which ITPS recommendations were included, the plan of action was endorsed by ITPS. This plan of action will then be submitted to the upcoming GSP Plenary Assembly (22-24 July 2014) for its final endorsement. Once endorsed, implementation plans at regional level will be developed for moving into needed actions.

Plan of action