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Prague 2002 Results
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Participants provided data and metadata on carbon measurements generated in their countries and the institutes involved in the research. Although useful, the data provided was insufficient to be used with participants in the working sessions. It is also difficult to assess what measurements have actually been made (but are difficult to access) and if actual data gaps exist.

Dynamic atlas was positively received and participants acknowledged that it could be a useful tool which institutes could use to better manage their data and increase data access to external users. The adoption of such a system would also encourage method and data standardization and increase the compatibility of diverse data sets needed in regional and global studies. Dynamic Atlas and other software developed by FAO will be made freely available to scientists involved in the TCO initiative.

Main points from the workshop

An overview of the main results from the workshop. (35 KB)

CEE metadata

The document contains metadata of carbon data sets and institutes involved in carbon studies. Metadata sheets were generated during the working sessions. (696 KB)

Overview of data availability in CEE area

Overview of data known to be available by workshop participants. (65 KB)

CEE carbon warehouse

You can request the warehouse and the software to view the warehouse from the GTOS Secretariat.

Methods manual development

An overview of the discussion on the development of a TCO manual on site measurements needed for carbon related measurements. Includes the outline of the contents of the manual which was developed by Dr Robert Scholes. (45 KB)

Please note that the files are still in a draft format and have not yet been formatted.


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