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November 2000

GOFC-WGISS Test Facility (WTF) Technical meeting
Nov. 27 - Dec. 1, 2000 - hosted by SGT Inc., Co-sponsored by WGISS and GOFC-GOLD, the aim of this meeting is to better incorporate the scientific requirements of GOFC-GOLD with the technical capabilities of WGISS in the planned Test Facility. The WGISS Test Facility has been established to prototype and demonstrate the use of interoperable data and services. As part of this meeting, attendees will discuss such topics as: GOFC-GOLD scientific needs, data access, implementation approaches and the future direction of the Test Facility.
Location:Greenbelt, MD, USA
Contact: Yonsook Enloe, NASA/SGT
Tel: (704) 243-2085
Fax: (704) 243-2150

October 2000

WGCV (Working Group on Calibration and Validation) 17th Plenary CEOS Meeting
October 23-27, 2000, hosted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) This meeting co-sponsored by NIST, NASA, and NOAA will provide a forum to discuss validation methods, protocols and opportunities for international collaboration. It will develop recommendations to the funding agencies, review the Work Plan, and to ensure that the needs of the international community are being met by the CEOS activity.
Location: Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Contact: Jennifer Wysling, NIST
Tel: (301) 975-2356
Fax: (301) 869-5700

September 2000

EO Satellites Workshop/WGISS Subgroups Meetings
Sept. 11-15, 2000 - co-hosted by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA); local organizers Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Chulalongkorn University and RESTEC. The workshop will be held Sept. 11 & 12 at AIT, and will include demonstrations of remote sensing applications related to earth resources monitoring, particularly in South East Asia, as well as technology for data discovery, visualization and access. The subgroups meetings will be held at Chula University following the workshop, and will include discussions about the new WGISS Test Facility to promote data and information exchange. Although both events have broader agendas, GOFC-GOLD will be a major focus of each.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Program Organizer: Mr. Shinichi Sobue, NASDA
Tel: 81-3-3438-6344
Fax: 81-3-5401-8702

Logisitics: Ms. Wandee Kijpoovadol, AIT
Tel: +66-2-524-6149
Fax: +66-2-524-614

(Note: the deadline for on-line registration with hotel accomodation is August 10)

August 2000

GOFC-GOLD Workshop on Boreal Forests
Aug. 28 - Sept. 1, 2000 - hosted by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with support from NASA/START. The goal of this workshop is to promote a coordinated effort towards building an observational network which will result in operational monitoring of boreal forests on a continental scale. Novosibirsk (Academgorodok), Russia
Contact: Tim Perrott, GOFC-GOLD/CCRS
Tel: (613) 947-7953
Fax: (613) 947-1385
WWW: Agenda and other workshop information is posted on the GOFC-GOLD Web site.
WWW: Local Russian Committee site English and Russian

Report: docs/novosibirsk.pdf

July 2000

Miombo GOFC-GOLD: Coordination Meeting
Jul 20-22, 2000 - hosted by CENACARTA (Mozambique), with assistance from TANRIC (Tanzania) and support from NASA/START. Maputo, Mozambique.

The overall goal is to plan the operational use of remote sensing data in natural resource management and monitoring of land cover change for global change and biodiversity applications, by national institutions and NGO's operating in the Miombo Region A pilot activity during the first three years will develop methods and models for a test case in Mozambique.
Contact:Paul Desanker, U. of Virginia
Report: docs/miombo.pdf

July 2000

SAFNET burned area validation protocol

Venue: Zimbabwe - Zambia
Date: 11-19th July 2000

Burned area validation protocol developed during a SAFNET field trip. Held to develop the protocol and to discuss Southern African fire information needs and how these could be met through the use of satellite products.

For more information

June 2000

Scientific and Technical Board: Ottawa Conference
June 21-23, 2000 – GOFC-GOLD has now grown to an extent that a transition to a more structured and formal approach is needed. Hence the creation of the GOFC-GOLD Scientific and Technical Board and its first annual meeting to be held June 21-23, 2000 in Ottawa, Canada.
Contact: Louise Bloess
Tel: 1-613-947-1256
Fax: 1-613-947-1383
Report: docs/stb2000.pdf

May 2000

International Workshop on Terrestrial Carbon Research and Observation
May 22-26, 2000 - cosponsored by European Union DG XII, US Global Change Research Program, IGBP. The meeting has two specific objectives: to develop an integrated, international approach to studying the global terrestrial carbon cycle in the form of a science plan and implementation strategy; and, to further develop the work of GTOS on observation requirements for terrestrial carbon. Lisbon, Portugal.
Contacts: Patricia Melo, IGBP (Portugal)

CEOS WGCV (Working Group on Calibration and Validation): Validation of Moderate Resolution Satellite Land Products
May 23-25, 2000 - cosponsered by JRC
The meeting will provide a forum to discuss validation methods, protocols and opportunities for international collaboration, and will develop recommendations to the funding agencies. Ispra, Italy.
Contact: Uli Winter, JRC

April 2000

CEOS WGISS (Working Group on Information Systems and Services) Subgroups Meeting
Apr. 11-14, 2000 - cosponsored by BNSC, DERA, UCL
The meeting will include sessions on GOFC-GOLD and other IGOS projects, and will try to identify how the subgroups can provide technical support to these activities. University College London (UK).
Contacts: Jeremy Morley, UCL - venue and logistic inquiries

Wyn Cudlip, DERA - agenda and technical programme questions

February 2000

GOFC-GOLD Central Africa Workshop:
Feb. 22-24, 2000 – cosponsored by EEC-TREES, NASA-START, and USAID-CARPE (Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment), with the technical support of START in Washington DC, and ADIE (Agence pour le Développement de l'Information Environnementale). Hotel Rapochombo, Libreville (Gabon)

Dr. Philippe Mayaux, JRC/SAI

Dr. Chris Justice, U. of Virginia
Report: docs/osfac.pdf

January 2000

SE Asia Regional GOFC-GOLD Planning Meeting:
Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2000 – cosponsored by BPPT Indonesia, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, START International, National Research Council of Thailand, Philippine National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, and the Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative at Michigan State University. Bogor, Indonesia
Contact: Jay Samek, BSRSI/Michigan State University
Report: docs/sea_gofc.pdf

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