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Information Access Through Catalog Searches

The following three prototypes provide access to catalogs of information of various kinds. They also demonstrate how tools for data discovery, visualization and access can be implemented to provide interoperable access across multiple systems in the search and retrieval of data and/or metadata.

GOFC-GOLD Data Portal through the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS)
This Data Portal uses parts of the International Directory Network (IDN), customized to meet the requirements of GOFC-GOLD scientists. The portal allows users to browse the directory and search several distributed databases.

GOFC-GOLD Free-Text Portal through NASA/GSFC
This free-text search portal allows the user to retrieve data sets that contain words or phrases specified by the user that can appear anywhere in the data set description. Since words or phrases can appear anywhere in the text, results may not be specific to the words queried by the user. Users can use a pull-down menu to restrict the search to specific fields within the metadata descriptions; for example, restricting the search to just the title or the summary will increase precision of the search. Boolean (AND/OR) operations are supported.

GOFC-GOLD Keyword Search through NASA/GSFC
The GOFC-GOLD keyword search portal represents a virtual subset of the IDN collection that contains the data sets for the particular portal requested. The keywords represent a set of controlled Earth science keywords, in a three-tier hierarchy, that are used to index the metadata records. Searching on a known set of words can lead to more precise search results.

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