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Some Interesting Demonstrations

The intention of these scenarios is to demonstrate how data and services provided by CEOS agencies can be used to solve real problems. Prototype scenarios are listed below, and more will be added, as they become available.

Multi-scale Burned Area Mapping (Canada) through CCRS
The tools demonstrated here can be used to link information from annual burned area maps derived using 1-km resolution SPOT VEGETATION and NOAA/AVHRR imagery with browse imagery from the Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-7 ETM+ sensors, which have a resolution of 30 metres. By clicking on an individual burn polygon, users can find the first and last dates that a fire was detected based on an AVHRR monitoring system, such as FireM3. This information may then be used to locate Landsat imagery acquired before and after those dates. Appropriate scenes can then be ordered for detailed analysis.

Access to Global Datasets of Landsat 7
This tool demonstrates a distributed access search engine linked to geographical places. The system uses a browser on your desktop to establish a search query. The resulting browse products are retrieved through a TRIFC gateway from the US National archives.

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