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GOFC-GOLD Fire Monitoring and Mapping

The GOFC-GOLD-Fire Mapping and Monitoring Theme is aimed at refining and articulating the international requirements for fire related observations and making the best possible use of fire products from the existing and future satellite observing systems, for fire management, policy decision-making and global change research.

One of the primary goals of GOFC-GOLD Fire is to establish an operational network of fire validation sites and protocols, providing accuracy assessment for operational products and a test bed for new or enhanced products, leading to standard products of known accuracy. Activities of the fire program include:

  • Availability of observations
  • Harmonization and standardization
  • Validation
  • Adequacy and advocacy of products
  • Regional networks and capacity building
  • Shared data, information and knowledge

The GOFC-GOLD Fire Implementation Team is an international forum for ensuring the provision of long-term, systematic satellite observations necessary for the production of the full suite of fire products. The team works with the GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks to bring together fire data providers and fire data users to exchange information on capabilities and needs. The networks allow for lateral exchange of information and provide a means for strengthening regional and in particular national related fire activities.

The Fire Team is co led by Chris Justice of University of Maryland, USA, and by Johann G. Goldammer of the Global Fire Monitoring Centre, Germany.The GOFC-GOLD Fire Team project office is located in the USA at the University of Maryland and is coordinated by Krishna Vadrevu.

Detailed information on the Fire Team's activities is located at .

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